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Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings Contents 2008-2000

Last Updated: 24/04/2009

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The Face of Learning – Generation M: The Mobile Generation
Conference Proceedings Contents 2008
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS                                                                   
Mal Booth
Creative use of new and emerging technologies at the Australian War Memorial
Mark McCrindle
Changing generations, Emerging Trends: Understanding today's learners
Andrew Douch
Paving the ICT Desire Paths: Redefining "Classroom"
Stephen Crump and Colin Boylan
Interactive Distance e-Learning for Isolated Communities: Finishing the Jigsaw
Lorraine Towers and Amy Hutchinson
The Sound and the Vision: developments in interactive distance education facilitated by satellite broadcast in NSW and the NT.
Stephen Crump, Kylie Twyford and Margaret Littler
Interactive Distance e­Learning for Isolated Communities: The Policy Footprint
Brian Devlin, Peter Feraud and Alan Anderson
Interactive distance learning technology and connectedness
Don Boyd, Tania Broadley and Emmy Terry
Connecting with Hot Topics: Streaming Professional Development to Regional and Remote Western Australia
Colin Boylan and Andrew Wallace
Learnscapes: A space for place-based education
Tania Broadley and Sue Trinidad
Web Collaboration and Cybercells: Using an Innovative Approach to Connect Rural Communities
Stephen Crump and Colin Boylan
Interactive distance e-Iearning for isolated communities: Finishing the jigsaw
Brian Devlin, Peter Feraud and Alan Anderson
IDL technology and connectedness
Barry Fields
A Comparison of Behaviour Support Provisions Provided by Small Rural Schools and Large Urban Schools
Sonja Kuzich and Rosa Napolitano-Lincoln
I'm going to be a 'real' Teacher! Philip Roberts: Developing a place-based social justice approach to the development of rural staffing policy
Melanie Smith and Sue Trinidad
The Western Australian experience: Blogging in the bush
Len Sparrow, Sandra Frid and Melanie Smith
Interactive Whiteboards at a Remote School as a Catalyst for Teacher Professional Learning
Calvin Taylor
Rural Locality and Mobile Technology Usage: Observations from an Ethnographic Study
Mark McCrindle, Mal Booth, Sally Drummond and Nick Cross facilitated by Don Boyd
Woo Wonka and the Google Factory
Charles Bradley
Political process involved in achieving world-class open and distance learning schooling for the mobile generation in the bush
Phil Brown and Lesley McGregor
Victorian Rural Educators' Network Vince Connor: Action Research: Stage 6 Mathematics and Science Lesson Study
Sally Drummond
Turning point: Engaging youth in mobile learning
Kate Haddow
Technologies Changing the Face of Distance Education ­Interactive Distance Learning and Online Environments
Graeme Lock, Bill Green, Jo-Anne Reid, Maxine Cooper, Simone White and Wendy Hastings
Designing a National Research Project in Rural­Regional (Teacher) Education
Theodore Munsch
Distance Education: Is It Art or Is It Science?
Philip Roberts
Re-thinking teacher stress and satisfaction as an issue of place
Fay Rola-Rubzen, Rosa Napolitano-Lincoln and Wendy Newman
Rural women in Leadership (WiRL)
Mark Weir
Place-based Education Connections
Phillip Wells
Diving into Learning
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Collaboration for Success in Rural and Remote Education and Training
Conference Proceedings Contents 2007
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS                                                                   
John Pegg
Developing a national holistic approach to addressing issues in rural and regional school education
Andrew Wallace and Colin Boylan.
Reawakening education policy and practice in rural Australia
Matt Benson and Terry Waldron
Rural and Remote Education Advisory Council
Colin Boylan and Ingrid Koreneff
Going up country: tree change teachers
Colin Boylan and Andrew Wallace
Reawakening education policy and practice in rural Australia
Tania Broadley
Teachers using a digital curriculum
Hernan Cuervo
Rural school principals’ perceptions of social justice in neo-liberal times: towards a pluralistic notion of rural education
Peter D’Plesse
 Leadership in Australia: connecting the whispering spirits.                                           
Sonia Ferns and Megan Ellis:
Empowering regional communities – partnerships for sustainable educational programs in regional Western Australia
John Halsey
Rural-urban school partnerships and Australia’s sustainability
Peter Jones
Do it yourself DVD: a low-cost approach to supplementing print materials for distance education
Sheila King, Anne Drabble, Ros Franklin, Cathy Rodier and Alison Mander Collaboration for success: Queensland style
Graeme Lock
The student teacher rural experience program: preparing pre-service teachers to live in regional locations
Michael Ogier
Rethinking teacher retention and rural schooling
Joy Penman and Bronwyn Ellis
Embracing technology in regional higher education
Celeste Rossetto, Jeannette Stirling and Joanne Dearlove
Providing language and academic skills support in a multi-media and distributed learning environment
Carole Steketee and Keith McNaught
Videoconferencing as a professional learning environment
Sue Trinidad
Telecommunications systems closing the digital divide in education in Western Australia
Charles Bradley
Political change is needed for the provision of fair and sustainable open and distance education for Australians
Denise Chalmers
Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Simon Clarke and Helen Wildy
Initial preparation of school principals: some bucolic considerations
Eve Croeser
Explorations of how to facilitate the formation of effective on-line learning communities – strategies and challenges
Frances Herd
Values from a distance
Phil Idle
Designing schools for Indigenous communities
Tom Jamieson
Flexible learning in schools – expertise banking for on-line delivery
Gerry Keegan, Emma Morris and Adrian Parsons
OVER – HF radio, a thing of the past 
Mark McLay
Right Choices
Neil Milligan and Rod Rykers
Manea College – regional cooperation and collaboration
Dennis Mulcahy
Multi-grade classrooms and multi-age pedagogy: connecting the dots for rural educators
Theodore Munsch
Cooperation, collaboration and change: ten years of rural Alaska practica
Rosa Napolitano-Lincoln
Women on the go: women in leadership (WiRL) programs                                           
Rhonda Oliver, Joan Strikwerda-Brown, Lynelle Watts, Marilyn Palmer and David Hodgson
Examining rural youth needs in the South-West of Western Australia: implications for pedagogy
John Pegg
Developing a national holistic approach to addressing Issues in rural and regional school education (see keynote page 2)
Jeff Phillips
Planning educational facilities
Heather Plester and Kerry McFarlane
Distance – no barrier for students at educational risk
Malcolm Plester and Paul Gallash
Building relationships with parents
Tanya Scobie
How can providing on-line activities improve students’ understanding of place value in the Centra environment?
Gay Tierney and Ann Galloway
Mitchell Plateau learning: responding to the needs of Aboriginal students in the isolated and distance education context
Iyleen Vickers
Home Tutor Resource DVD
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Community, Diversity and Innovation in Rural and remote Education and Training
Conference Proceedings Contents 2006
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS                                                                   
Angela Cooke, Wendy Fletcher
The why and how of provision of online extension programs for highly able / gifted students in rural schools in Tasmania
Marietta Sansom-Gower
The benefits of online programs for gifted students from rural schools – a support teacher’s perspective
Anne Hampshire,
Rural and Regional Australia: Change, Challenge and Capacity
Dennis Mulcahy
Current Issues in Rural Education in Newfoundland and Labrador
Pam Bartholomaeus
Linking place and effective literacy teaching
Dianne Boxall
An Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour in Predicting and Understanding Relocation Intentions of Regional Tertiary Students
John Halsey
Towards a Spatial Self- Help Map for Teaching and Livingin a Rural Context
Lyn Hughes and Beverly Moriarty
Evaluation of a pre-university program for senior secondary students making career choices: Implications for program design and university promotional activities
Quynh Le and Rosa McManamey
Multilevel Analysis and its implications for Rural Education Research
Ted R. Munsch and Colin R. Boylan
Beyond the Line and Closer to the Edge
Joy Penman, Bronwyn Ellis, Frances White and Gary Misan
An early glimpse of university and health careers for regional Year 10 students
Joy Penman, Valerie Gorton, Katy Darby and Karl Jones
Whyalla-Worcester connection: The value of short-term rural clinical placements
Linda Thies
What role for social capital? – Establishing a Warrnambool community education program for disengaged students
Andrew R. Wallace and Colin R Boylan
Place, schools and communities: new beginnings in rural NSW
Charles Bradley
Will privatisation or deregulation have most impact on the provision of distance education for rural high schools?
Don Boyd
Education and Training: ‘The Fijian Way’
Don Boyd And Emmy Terry
Inter-Sectoral Partnership and Collaboration in the Pilbara: A Reality
Colin Boylan and Dennis Mulcahy
Creating multi-age classes: Exploring the challenges, benefits and strategies
Julie Godwin and Ingrid Wijeyewardene
Connecting Students, Community and University
Sheila King and Alison Mander
Yes you can afford it! - Supporting Pre-service Teachers in their desire to complete a teaching experience in rural or remote Queensland
Rosemarie Koppe, Maxine Zealey, Leo Dunne
Indigenous Parent Workshops
Ted R. Munsch
One State, Five Distinct Native Cultures: Place-based Educational Efforts in Alaska
Phil Roberts
The place of social justice in rural education discourse
Russell Yates
Local Teachers: Using local people as teachers in small communities
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Our Stories: Innovation and Excellence in Rural Education
Conference Proceedings Contents 2005
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS                                                                   
Steven Arndt
Creating Collaborative Communities – The Regional South Australian Experience
Michael Christie
Local versus global knowledges: Resolving a fundamental dilemma in ‘Remote Education (Refereed).     
Peter Kenyon
C.R.E.A.T.E. - Creating Rural Entrepreneurial Attitudes through Education                        
Tony Richards
IDL – Interactive Distance Learning in the Northern Territory                                           
Colin R Boylan
Designing a course in rural education                                                                                
Bronwyn Ellis, Digby Wilson & Janet Sawyer
Summer school at a regional university campus: just completing a course, or a rich learning experience      
Ted Munsch and Colin R Boylan
Remote rural practice teaching                                                                                         
Joy Penman
Creative teaching solutions in difficult remote practice realities                                           
Richard Pickersgill
Local Matters: Regions, Innovation and Vocational Education and Training in the Australian context        
Peter Rushbrook, Louis Pilotto, Sandy Reid, Geraldine Duncan, Graeme Richardson, Peter Vine, Peter Reed and Helena Johnston
Bringing doctors to the bush: celebrating innovation and excellence in medical education at the University of New South Wales’ School of Rural Health                                                                                                     
Neville Barnard
Diamonds form under pressure: educational evolution & revolution on the West Coast of Tasmania
Don Boyd and Emmy Terry
Bringing Educational Change across the Pilbara
Kerry Boyd
Aboriginal focus in new courses for students in the senior years of schooling course            
Hernan Cuervo
Rural Schools: Argentina and Australia                                                                             
Darryn Gray and Kevin O’Hara
Raising student achievement in rural schools – A school adviser’s perspective                    
John Halsey
Rural Teacher Education Forum mapping of pre-service country teaching programs
Craig Holland and Rosa Lincoln
The Pilbara Education District of Western Australia                                                          
Lyn Hollow
Digital Reporting in the Bush                                                                                            
Liz Kelly
Innovations in VET programs    
Rosa Lincoln and Sue Knight
Aboriginal Literacy Strategy
Enver Malkic
Innovation with Centra Symposium: A local delivery perspective                                        
Alan Power
Interagency Support Networking for Mental Health                                                           
Phil Roberts and Dorothy Lean
What does a successful staffing system for rural, remote and isolated schools look like?      
Rebecca Tims
Teacher Orientation Package                                                                                           
Jenna Towers
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Working Together: Staying Vital
Conference Proceedings Contents 2004
Official Opening Address by
His Excellency Lieutenant General John Sanderson, AC,
Governor of Western Australia
Stephen Kemmis, Marianne Atkinson and Roslin Brennan Kemmis A.M.
Indigenous Education: A Collective Task for all Australians
Murray Lake, David Platt and Grant Draper
From Conference Resolution To Project Implementation:
ABCDE - A Strategy For The Revitalisation Of A Rural Community
John Edwards and Bill Martin
Creating Magnificent Schools and Productive Futures – Ways Forward for
Rural Education
Colin R Boylan
The state of rural education in pre-service teacher education courses
John Bryden and Colin Boylan
Infusing pedagogy into place based education
Tony Beswick
My Kid Doesn’t Dob
Bill Green
Space and Equity in Rural Education (Abstract)
Enver Malkic
A Classroom Without Walls – ‘live’ e-Learning with Centra 7 ™.
Jane Marquad
Internet Safety for Rural Communities
Doug Melville
Follow the Dream – A Secondary Aspirations Strategy for Aboriginal Students
T R Munsch
What Is Rural? A Discussion with an America Rural Educator
Sarah Pendlebury and Kane Benson
Student Council Virtues Project
Kate Haddow and Salli Thomas
Linking the Technologies
Mark Weir
Nurturing Innovation in Rural Education
Matt Wren
Mentoring – All the BUZZ
Australian Rural Education Award Winner 2004:
Whyalla Economic Development Board, Inc.
Youth Re-engagement through Community Partnerships
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Global Focus – Local Partnerships
Conference Proceedings Contents 2003
John M Bryden
Some links between economic and social changes in rural areas and the need for reform in rural education
Jack Shelton
Consequential Learning
Pam Bartholomaeus
Rural ABCs and Genres? Learning literacy in a rural school
Colin Boylan & Andrew Wallace
Curriculum organisation in a rural secondary school
Rachael Cornius-Randall & Colin Boylan
Creating and managing a caring environment: Pastoral care in action
Roger Edmonds
The SIASOTA Project: The Making Of A ‘Live’ Online Learning Community
Bronwyn Ellis & Joy Penman
From the margins to the centre: regional international education partnerships
Lyn Gorman & Bob Dengate
NSW HSC Online: A Successful Educational Partnership
Brian Hemmings & Doug Hill
A promising strategy for service delivery in rural Australia
Sue Kilpatrick, Joan Abbott-Chapman, John Williamson & Helen Bound
Identifying the characteristics of rural learning communities: implications for rural development
Jan Millwater
Captivation and perspiration: one university's efforts to inspire city teacher education students to go rural and remote
Joy Penman, Mary Oliver & John Petkov
Where are our graduates? A retrospective study of decisions made on employment location by nursing graduates
Andrew R. Wallace, Rachael Cornius-Randall, Colin Boylan & John Brew-Bevan
Partnerships in the review of curriculum in a small rural secondary school
Des Wilsmore & David H. McKinnon
Professional development of teachers and the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a learning tool in rural schools
Adele Bradley & Kerry Weigand, presented by Juanita Healy
Progress and Challenges: A report on progress the Schools of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) WA has made with online learning
Chris Dolan & Ian McEgan
Effective Community Consultation in Distance Education Institutions: A Working Model
Sheila King
Progress and Challenges: A report on progress the Schools of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) WA has made with online learning
Jan Martin & Darryn Gray
Raising student achievement in rural schools – some New Zealand initiatives
Denese Playford, Tony Lower, Amanda Lines & Ann Larson
Effect of Allied Health Rural Placement Programme on Graduate Uptake of Employment in Rural WA
Russell Yates
It’s Good For Me, Too! Partners In Professional Development
Van Davy & Kate English
Changing the Pedagogy in Distance Education – Essential Criteria, Technologies and Professional Development
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Country Class
Conference Proceedings Contents 2002
Pam Bartholomaeus
Rural education and rural communities: Gifts for our Young People
Colin R Boylan and Andrew R Wallace
Beyond the Line: Promoting Country Schools
Gail Dobbin
From College to Cowshed: Beginning teachers in rural schools
Bronwyn Ellis, Janet Sawyer, Maureen Dollard and Dianne Boxall
Working as rural academics
Sharman Glover-Milne
From Big Sky Country USA to the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Glenice Hancock
Flying High in Rural Education: Educating Students in the 21st Century
Steve Hicks
Help Yourself.
Harry Moate
Industrotech: School/Industry Link. An initiative of Jamestown Community School
Michael O’Meara
Youth at the centre
Peter Kenyon
Real Enterprises: An Overview
Janet Sawyer, Pam Zubrinich and John Carter
Partners in Education: The Whyalla model.
Geoff Annear and Jim Low
Redefining Directions of 6 School Cluster
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Providing Quality Education and Training for Rural Australians
Conference Proceedings Contents 2001
Paul Herschell
Why aligning curriculum and assessment in new times is ultimately a pedagogy question.
Mike Frost
VET in rural schools.
Faith Trent
Aliens in the classroom?
Kennece Coombe and Joy Lubawy
Learning partnerships in rural early childhood settings
Roger Edmonds
Cut your teeth on online collaborative projects
Bronwyn Ellis, Nancy Cooper and Janet Sawyer Bridging studies: An alternative pathway to university for rural Australians
Robyn Eversole
Regional university access: A case study from the south west
Annette Green and Erica Smith
A foot in both camps: School students and workplaces
Annette Green and Colin Boylan
Vocational education: Voices from the field
Tania Hockley and Brian Hemmings
A rural-based teacher education internship: Stressors and coping mechanisms
TW Maxwell, Jo-Anne Reid, Catherine McLoughlin, Catherine Clarke and Ruth Nicholls
Online support for action research in a teacher education internship in rural Australia
Judith Wooller and Lesley Warner
An innovative flexible program for rural women
April M. Bender
Connecting the dots in the service constellation of the rural universe: An overview
Judith Duff
Learning adventures in the Gascoyne - A journey in motivating and engaging indigenous children.
Stephanie Gadeke
Using a collaborative model to improve outcomes for students at educational risk in Port Hedland School of the Air
Lyn Gorman
Online teaching and resources: The New HSC Online Project 2001
Tamara Jones
An initial exploration into a time of change: Teacher perceptions of their profession in the new millennium
Sheila King, Felicity Masson, Louise Pritchard and Sherrin Bell
Swings and roundabouts: A panel presentation on the preparation of pre-service teachers for rural schools
Sheila King
The next chapter
Rosa Lincoln
Encouraging quality student teachers to teach in rural Western Australia
Jan Martin
School governance in rural communities – The role of the Board of Trustees chairperson in small New Zealand schools
John McMillan and Harry Jones
Rotor streaming media software
David McSwan, Emma Clinch and Ron Store
Otitis media, learning and community
Don Squires
Quality VET provision in rural schools
RJ [Gus] Wenzel
VET: This is how we do it in Burra
Russell Yates
Small schools face the challenge - A case study of a group of small rural schools in New Zealand
Russell Yates
Right in your own backyard - A description of flexible learning applied to primary teacher education
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Dawning of Opportunity
Conference Proceedings Contents 2000
Luke Baills, Sherrin Bell, Bridget Greensill and Louise Willcox
Bridging the gap between beginning teachers and isolated/rural communities
Betty Baram
Workshop: Convergence of distance education and mainstream schooling –
increasing opportunities for rural and isolated learners
Marg Beagley
Flexible delivery:  initiatives and innovation
Hedley Beare
‘Now, Year Ones, this is your life!’ Preparing the present generation of students for a world of shrinking distances
Don Boyd
Experimenting with the development of electronic course materials
Colin R Boylan and Andrew R Wallace
An analysis of classroom interaction patterns in satellite delivered letters
Charles Bradley
The glass is only half full – a political discussion of issues in secondary distance education in rural New South Wales
Kathy Broadley and Keith Greaney
Providing Reading Support for Young Children in Rural Schools: The Case of Reading Recovery
Guy Broadley
Student Teacher Supervision by Telephone
Jim Buzacott
Teaching Reading from a Distance
Ashley Burnett
Supporting student learning through flexible delivery in distance education
Bruce Cifuentes
A Smart School for a Smart State: Brisbane SDE Cyberschool Initiatives
Jen Coad, Tom Croft, Sue Rose and Liz Nowack
Katherine School of the Air: The School of Opportunity
John Delany and Derek Wenmoth
Empowering an Indigenous Rural Community: Local Teachers for Local Schools
Kate Dibben
Sharing innovative projects – what is out there?
Chris Dolan
Roads Merge Ahead: Bringing Together Pedagogy and Technology in
Distance Education.
David Driver
Flexible Delivery of Mathematics
Annette Green
Abstract: School students’ learning from their paid and unpaid work.
Steven Harrison
Investing in Our Rural Future – The Dover District High School Story
Irene Ioannakis
Adopt A School/Adopt A Mine Site. A School-Industry Partnership Case Study
Kanowna Belle Gold Mines Ltd and Churchlands Senior High School
Susan Johns, Sue Kilpatrick, Ian Falk and Bill Mulford
Leadership from Within: Rural community revitalisation and the
school-community partnership.
Murray Lake
Country Roads: Pathways to Better Education and Training for Rural and
Remote Western Australian 2000-2003.
Rosa Lincoln
Workshop: Rural Teaching Liaison Officer – Partnerships at Work.
Enver Malkic
Developing Partnerships with Rural Schools.
Timothy Moes
The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust of Australia: Concise Report.
Kathryn Moyle
Dawning of Opportunity: Identifying government initiatives that promote using
information and communication technologies in distance education.
Catherine O’Sullivan
The School at the Centre of the Community: Goondiwindi State High School
Vocational Education & Training through Enterprise Partnerships
Warren Parkinson, Anne Sutton and Vicki Carr
Flexible Delivery to cater for the educational needs of indigenous students:
Brisbane School of Distance Education Alternate Education Model
Glen Postle
Professional Development Online: Some Preliminary Comments.
Karen L Reithmuller
The Magic of Telephone Teaching
Robin Roberts and Robyn Roberts
Learning support for literacy: resource units.
Col Sutcliffe
Rural schools and their communities
Grant Wheatley, Joneen Edwards and Sonja Kenny
Collaborative Problem Solving Team.
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