PO Box 46, Calen Qld. 4798
email: admin@spera.asn.au

Mission and Goals


The Society for the Provision of Education in Rural Australia (SPERA) links people with a diverse range of interests in education and training to promote the development of rural Australia by:

  • advocating for and supporting the provision of quality education and training in rural contexts;
  • promoting a positive view of education in rural areas and encouraging innovation and initiative in the provision of rural education services;
  • providing a forum for the sharing of concerns, issues and experiences relating to education and training in rural areas; and
  • collaborating with universities to support the recruitment and retention of educators for careers in rural education contexts.


SPERA advances the education and training opportunities for all people in rural Australia by:

  1. promoting state and regional delivery systems which bring about efficient and effective education and training for people in rural areas;
  2. encouraging both the collection and sharing of relevant information on the provision of education and training in rural areas;
  3. conducting an annual national conference to exchange ideas and information about education and training in rural education;
  4. serving as a national advocate representing rural education and training; and
  5. sponsoring the annual Australian Rural Education Awards.